Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Technology Trendsetters at BHS - Stephanie Connor & Mike McCarley

Stephanie Connor and Mike McCarley are two of eighteen teachers participating in the T3 (Teachers, Teamwork & Technology) Grant at Bryan High School. Read on to see a description of how students in Stephanie's Junior English classes are using technology to both build and demonstrate their learning. Visit the provided link to see a video Mike created using the Web 2.0 tool, Xtranormal.

Students used the laptops to create a "character collage" during a unit on Arthur Miller's The Crucible. As preparation for the collage, each student was assigned a major character from the play and worked individually to complete a chart about his or her character, including personality and physical traits, motivation, the character's role in the play and relationship to other characters, and objects or symbols representing the character. The students were also required to include in the chart text evidence from the play to support their answers in each of the above areas. They were presented with examples and a brief tutorial on creating basic collages on the computer, but we also urged them to use the help menu to explore the programs themselves. They also received a brief lesson on the principles of design including contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. The students utilized either Inspiration 8 or Comic Life to create their collages. The collages were made up of two parts: images representing the character (we encouraged them to think symbolically) and quotations from the play (the evidence they had already gathered for their charts). Students spent a day and a half researching character information for the charts and a day and a half creating the actual collage.

To view student handouts (created by student teacher Kalli Holub) and student products visit one of Stephanie's Google Doc sites by clicking on this link. Crucible Character Collage

Mike McCarley created this video to remind students in his AB Calculus class about preparation for an upcoming exam on derivatives. Einstein Talks to Mr Mc

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