Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Storybird - Collaborative Storytelling

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Use this collaborative storytelling tool in your classroom to enhance reading and writing skills. Storybird has a vast library of artwork to choose from for your story. Once you have chosen artwork, simply drag and drop that artwork into a storybird book. You can easily create a multiple page book in one class period.
Rewrite the ending to a story.
Simply complete a creative writing assignment focusing grammar skills.
Complete a poetry activity.
Retell an event in History.


  1. Cool! Thanks Jana! We are integrating science and writing this week in preparation for the fourth grade writing TAKS coming up. The students are expected to create an informative composition using books and websites for facts. They are also expected to choose a creative way to present/teach their information to the class (ex.reader's theatre, movie, skit) and this will be a perfect option for their project/presentation! I'm thrilled to share it and can't wait to see where they will go with it! I even had a few kids ask if they could make a book....this is perfect.

    Andrea Prcin

  2. Lately we have been integrating writers workshop into our balanced literacy curriculum. The students create stories daily. I can see using this to help students creatively add to their story by putting their written words into storyword book. Great way to spice up my writing lesson!

  3. Allison Robertson
    I would like to use this with my beginning Spanish classes. It took a long time to enter everyone in...does anyone have suggestions for how to better create classes? And the assigned passwords are long--next time I am setting one password for everyone (student)

  4. We are doing comics in some of my classes and this is a great tool for them to use to get an understanding on how a story can be told. I will use it for the kids to really understand story telling through pictures.

    John Burrows

  5. Ronda Ogden said...
    In fifth grade we are working on autobiographies. This would be a fun educational way for my students to share their stories.

    PS I think I need to change my google name since I am no longer at SFA:-)