Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Word It Out


Another great tool for creating word clouds. Have your students create a word cloud to brainstorm ideas for a project, activity, or essay. It’s fun and easy.


  1. Allison Robertson
    This site would be a good way to show patterns in related words--prefixes, suffixes, participles. I could use it to show common verb conjugations in Spanish with many verbs and students could deduce the common ending to decode.

  2. I LOVE THIS! I would have loved to had this for 100's day and we could have made shirts with 100 things we have learned this year! I will use this in class especially with our Tribes when we are getting to know one another and everyone will have to write a kind word about their friend then I can make each person their own worditout page for them to keep forever! Builds Self Esteem! This can be incorporated in numerous areas of learning activities we do in the classroom. We can create a Valentine one on Monday at our party to display on the smartboard for everyone to read!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. My students loved this today when we did our favorite things we love for our cloud. Very Fun!

  4. We used this today to help brainstorm our ideas for hat day this week! We were brainstorming every word we could think of that was a weather word used when talking about winter. STudents loved the fact that they could keep our brainstorming page!