Friday, February 18, 2011

World Read Aloud Day Skype Project

March 9, 2011 is World Read Aloud Day.  A very interesting project has started via Twitter, called the World Read Aloud Day Skype Project.   By following this link you can sign up to Skype with another classroom to to read or listen to various books.
 World Read Aloud Day Skype Project Sign Up

For more information on how you and your school can participate in the events of  World Read Aloud Day here:
You can also follow the Events on:


  1. I wonder if they are reading books in Spanish? I would love to take my emerging Spanish Speakers on line with other students in a structured project like reading! I want to use Skype in the classroom and have had a difficult time finding a good match. This may be a great start! Thank you for the tip...

    Allison Robertson

  2. This is such a cool idea! I definitely plan to sign up for this! :-)

  3. Can you request another class to read with? Art. There is a great series called, Getting to would stick in your favorite artist or musician's name ex. Getting to Know Salvador Dali or Beethoven. This would be a great way to bring in other cultures from around the world to practice some of the TAP strategies after the book has been read. I could use the: Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then strategy with the students after the book has been read.