Friday, March 11, 2011

Maths Starter of the Day

Maths Starter of the Day is a free site that offers a starting point for numerous math lessons for students from elementary to high school. Click on the date in the calendar below for the Starter Of The Day.
You can even jump ahead or find a starter by topic. This site would be great to use with an interactive whiteboard.


  1. Cool! Always looking for good intro math lessons! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. allisonrobertson
    Recycling previous Spanish vocabulary and number basics is always a challenge. Theses fun math problems are neatly arranged and make great sponge activities. I could ask students to re-state the problems in Spanish before solving.

  3. As a Social Studies teacher this time of year, I am always looking for ways to support our math teachers as they prepare for TAKS. I will use this as warmups to help the kids prepare for math TAKS.
    Jerilyn Cleere

  4. Love this! I am using this in the morning for part of my morning work. Good math exercises! Great brain boosting activities.
    Lisa Tarver