Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sendoid is  a new file transfer system that lets you share files as large as 1 GB.  Because Sendoid is a link-based service, your files are only passed directly between parties. Simply load the file you wish to share, and once it is uploaded use the unique one time link that is created to send to someone else to open and download your shared file.
 There’s no software to install for this use, but for files larger than 1 GB, you'll need to download the free desktop app. Once you download the app, and you no longer have any limitations on the size of file you can transfer.


  1. downloading this now! crazy easy way to move original video and audio files from one student to another since they can't drag and drop from First Class on shared laptops.

    Allison Robertson

  2. This is great. What a neat way to share important files with students and other staff, which is how I'll be using it.

    Jerilyn Cleere

  3. This is just what I was looking for to help another teacher get video files from her students. She assigned a video project but some student's files are too large to put in firstclass for her to view. Can't wait to share this with her and it sounds so simple!

    Kim Munoz