Monday, April 25, 2011

Curriculum and Instruction Picks the App - Science

Our next C&I Reviewer is Debbie Richards Bryan ISD's secondary Science Coordinator.

App Title: K12 Periodic Table

Grade Level: 6-12

Purpose: Interactive Periodic Table

Overall Educational Value: The app lets you explore each element on the periodic table by simply dragging over the element's box. The elements are color coded as metals, nonmetals, metalloids, other metals, noble gases and halogens.

Cost: free

iTunes Link:

App Title: Air Sketch

Grade Level:Any

Purpose: Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard.

Overall Educational Value: This program allows you to annotate PDF documents and images live. Emphasis points in your presentation by circling or highlighting in one of 8 different pen colors.

Cost: 7.99

iTunes Link:


  1. a robertson
    if a person had an ipad, it would be awesome to use airsketch. I am just learning to use an airliner and wow it is nice to pass it to a student to control the lesson.

  2. This would be a great tool to use as the teacher walks around the room monitoring students, talking, and accepting comments from students. The tool would enable both student and teacher to focus and point out things on the screen to follow along. This is more effective than simply a pointer or laser pointer. It can stay up for as long as needed, and perhaps saved through screen captures.