Friday, April 29, 2011

Curriculum and Instruction Picks the App - Elementary Language Arts

Our next C&I Reviewer is Laurie Slaydon Bryan ISD's Elementary Language Arts Coordinator.

Reviewer Name: Laurie Slaydon

App Title: Pearson's Grammar Jammers-Primary, Elementary, and Middle Edition

Grade Level: K-5

Purpose: Students get in sync with grammar fundamentals through Grammar Jammers, an app which compliments Reading Street, our K-5 Reading adoption. Grammar Jammers offers interactive animated videos to help make mastering the rules of grammar fun. Grammar Jammers focuses on essential grammatical rules and usage, providing a framework for learning that supports students.

Overall Educational Value:


Primary Edition: Free
Elementary Edition: $2.99
Middle Edition: $2.99

iTunes Links:
Primary Edition:
Elementary Edition:
Middle Edition:


  1. a robertson
    Students learning a foreign language in a classroom setting often need the structure that grammar provides to understand syntax. School House rock was so effective years ago (conjunction junction whats your function...)
    Keep teaching those grammar terms! It really helps to understand how your own language works in the abstract when you learn your second language and third and.....

  2. Tifani Owens - I would definitely use this app on the ipad in my room. We do a lot of grammer in Kinder. FOr example: Writing sentences and knowing the parts of a sentence. We learn about adjectives, nouns, etc. and there are many easy lessons on grammer jammers that the kids would love. I love it too.

  3. Hillarie Rollins- I use grammar jammers already! My kiddos love it!

  4. Do I need an ipad or iphone to use this? I have neither. Can it be used on a regular computer? I think this would be an awesome tool in the classroom.