Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Web 20.11 by Discovery Education

Web 2.0 is about revolutionary new ways of creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online. It’s also about easy access and ease of use. There is no need to download software and teachers and students can master many of the tools in minutes.
Navigating your way through a “world” of thousands of apps out there in the “galaxy” of Web 2.0 can be intimidating at the very least. What tool best meets your needs? Discovery Education, a BISD on-line resource, recently launched Web 20.11, a one-stop resource for some of the latest tips, trends, and tools in the “World of Web 2.0”. Visit the site and find brief descriptions and links to presentation, video, mobile, community and other tools that can be used by both you and your students to create. The related links button will allow you to explore the tools that can’t be neatly placed into a category because their features cause them to span several categories at once. They are all tools that will spark creativity, encourage collaboration and lure you and your students into the world of Web 2.0. Now go explore!
Classroom Application: A teacher is trying to come up with an engaging way to have students practice their vocabulary words. The teacher could just go to Google and type in “vocabulary activities” and come up with about 52,200,000 results. (Try it . . . that’s the number I got). Instead the teacher uses Discovery Ed's Web 20.11 site to explore and finds a brief description about MakeBelieveComix in the related links. She decides to have students create a comic strip story using new vocabulary words that are being taught. She even has time to make a fun example because of the time she saved by allowing Web. 20.11 to narrow down the choices to what they think are the best apps out there. (I made one of these strips in about 10 minutes. It was very engaging and great fun! I will share more about this Make Believe Comix in another post.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! This will be a huge timesaver when designing lesson plans.