Saturday, December 3, 2011

Free App Friday (A Day Late) - Storylines

Storylines is the age old game "Telephone" using pictures. The first person begins the Storyline by writing a common saying or a sentence using the standard on-screen keyboard.  The next person grows the Storyline as their finger becomes the pencil allowing them to draw pictures to illustrate the saying or sentence. The third person titles that drawing without seeing the original saying . . . . and so on.  After all the inputs have been entered, the app will display how the story unfolded!! 

My family played the "paper" version of this game last Christmas.  We laughed until we cried. I think we will give the iPad Storylines a try this year!!

Classroom Integration Ideas: 
This "fun, free" app provides an engaging way to get students to work with sentences or sayings.  It takes creativity, involves cooperation and higher order thinking skills. It provides a great way to help with figurative language and visual representation. Divide the class into groups of four or five - pass out the iPads and "let the stories begin"!!

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