Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Discovery Education - Did You Know?

Did you know that you can find writing prompts on the Discovery Education site?
Recently I did a search for Martin Luther King and found 3 relevant writing prompts. Each selection included an image of Dr. King, some facts about his life and accomplishments, and a prompt for either a narrative or expository essay.
There are a wide selection of writing prompts on the Discovery Ed site for many different topics. To search for a prompt, just type your topic in the search window and choose "Writing Prompt" in the "Media" drop down menu. When you find a prompt that you like, the prompt can be saved to your "My Content" folder on the Discovery Ed site so that it can be pulled up quickly to display on a projector, edited directly on the site if needed, downloaded as a Word document, or assigned to students (if you have previously set up accounts for your students in Discovery Ed).

Classroom Integration Ideas:

  • After a lesson about MLK or after watching one of the Discovery Education videos about him, use one of the writing prompts from DE to have your students practice their writing skills and reflect on what they have learned
  • Use DE's writing prompts as bell ringers 
  • Use DE's writing prompts as a springboard for writing your own prompts (images and text of existing prompts can be edited)

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