Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Quixey is an app search engine for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Facebook, the web, and more. This site is particularly useful for finding apps for your iPad or iPhone, but can also be used if you own another type of device, such as an Android. This search engine is better than searching in the iTunes store because it finds apps by content, not just the title. Searches can be filtered by type of device or application, and by free or paid. To search for an app, simply type in a word or phrase in the search window, hit enter, and then a list of apps will load with the name and picture of the app on the left, and a snippet of information about the app on the right. You can also click on the app to get even more information about the app, similar to what you would see in iTunes.


  • If you have an iDevice for your classroom such as an iPad or iPod Touch, it is often hard to find apps by searching in the iTunes store. Quixey makes it easy to find apps that relate to the topic you are teaching. By typing in a word or words such as "synonyms" or "periodic table" you can find a long list of apps that could be useful for a lesson.

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