Thursday, April 5, 2012

Technology Integration Lesson: Sound Effect Cues for Theatre Production

Chris Rogers, Theatre Arts teacher at Bryan High School, has received two iPads for submitting the following technology lesson.  In true theatre style, the students played the role of sound designer and used GarageBand to create and edit sound files for theatre production.

Chris describes how technology impacted this lesson:  "Many students have always enjoyed this project.  Some students come to class with previous knowledge of GarageBand, but many are new to the program.  After a few initial frustrations, the students really get into the idea.  Some students, after completing the requirements, make extra sound effects cues.  Others venture into the world of music and try making their own music loops.  I enjoy that this project, while accomplishing my theatre curriculum, has opened the students eyes to something that they may not have experienced before." 

Lesson Description/Overview: 
This project is based on the idea that the students are sound designers creating and editing sound files for a theatre production. This project is assigned to the students after discussing sound production for the theatre including: microphones, speakers, and sound effects. Students are then given a copy of the first page of the script to Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. Using this as their guide, they will edit mistake-ridden, pre-recorded sound files to correctly match the script. They will also create their own sound effect cues.

Student Objectives:
I can utilize the basic functions of GarageBand.
I can create and edit sound cues for use in theatre productions.
I can import a sound file into GarageBand and edit pre-recorded dialogue that follows the script.
I can create an original sound effect cue using GarageBand and Internet sound effects.

  • GarageBand Instructional Packet
  • First Page of The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
  • Mac COW
  • Internet access
  • Headphones
  1. Before the class starts the project, the teacher will use GarageBand to record the dialogue that will be used by the students. These files will need to be uploaded to the theatre’s website for distribution.
  2. Students need to be informed and reminded well in advance that they will need to bring headphones to class for the project duration.
Link to Instruction Packet: Sound Project Instructions

The original sound files, examples of student created sound effects, and student corrected sound cues are available on the Viking Theatre page under Technical Theatre. Click Here.

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