Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Technology Integration Lesson: Digital Flashcards

Congratulations to Terra Timmerman, English teacher at Rudder High School, who has won two iPads for use in her classroom. Terra has shared a wonderful way to utilize in the English classroom. Read her lesson below to see how students are collaboratively creating a large collection of digital flashcards in preparation for an AP exam. 

Terra described how technology impacted this lesson: "Students receive valuable exposure to both the terms that they have created and the work of their peers.  These terms are difficult to internalize if only seen on a limited basis.  By providing access to a study aid, that is accessible through technology, students are more apt to achieve success when identifying and using the devices on the AP Exam.  The use of flashcards is a benefit and this activity allows students access to 150 terms and devices that will be accurately used.  The Quizlet site also allows students to play games with the flashcards and for students to discuss their experience and their tips for internalizing the devices via a discussion board."

Lesson Description/Overview:
Students are preparing for the AP Language and Composition Exam in May.  There is a plethora of literary terms and devices that students must be familiar with in order to achieve success on the exam.  Students need multiple exposure to these terms and must be able to identify, define and use the devices as they analyze nonfiction.

Student Objectives:
Students will use to create and share digital flashcards from a list of assigned terms.  Flashcards will include the term/device, its definition, and an example of the term/device being used correctly.  (Students may use any scholarly source to find the information but may not use, wikipedia, etc.)

Google Docs - list of terms and instructions. - students create personal accounts and flashcard sets to be shared with the AP Group created.

Generate lists of terms and divide classes randomly into groups.  Share a list with each student on Google Docs.  Students have to create a Quizlet account in class but the majority of the work on the flashcards is done independently.

  1. Create a free account at and join the AP English III group.
  2. Create 30 flashcards using the literary terms given.
  3. Each flashcard must have the term, its definition and an example of  the term being used in a literary context
  4. Share your completed set of literary term flashcards with the teacher through the group in quizlet.  All students in the group will be able to access and use the shared flashcard sets.  
Quizlet Instructions:

  1. Go to and select “Sign Up.”  
  2. Search for and join the group.  You will need the password.  
  3. Create a set of flashcards titled with your first and last name.  The set should be visible to “Certain Groups” and the "Campus Group."  **Students should give the teacher access to edit their set and should create a password for the set.  This will allow the teacher to add the cards to the group.**  
  4. Create flashcards for each term.  The flashcard should include:  Rhetorical term (left hand column), definition of the term (don’t use the auto define feature), and a literary example of the term being used.
  5. Create the set using the bottom button.  

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  1. I use flashcards during the early years and love them. Try if you like flashcards too.