Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Technology Integration Lesson - Newton's Laws with Scrumblr

Congratulations to SFA Science teacher Mandy Hay! She won 2 iPads for her classroom for sharing this technology integration lesson. In this lesson, Mandy describes how her students used the site to demonstrate their knowledge of Newton's Laws. This lesson could be easily adapted for any subject area and would be a quick and easy way to use technology to assess what students have learned after a lesson.

Lesson Description/Overview:
Students will demonstrate their understanding of Newton's 3 Laws by creating and sorting sticky notes online using scrumblr.

Computers to access

This lesson is intended for students to demonstrate what they have learned about Newton's 3 Laws and how they relate to everyday life. It can also be used during a review.

Students will:
1. Go to and create their own storyboard titled: first name last name school (example: MandyHaySFA).
2.  Add three sections to their storyboard, and label them 1st Law, 2nd Law, and 3rd Law.
3.  Add sticky notes with the name of each law, a definition of each law, and 2-3 real life applications fo each law. This will be a total of 12-15 sticky notes.
4. When complete, students will copy and paste the web address of their storyboard into an email and send it to the teacher.

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