Friday, January 11, 2013

Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps Pro  is a free web tool that is great for editing and drawing on top of Google maps. Unlike Google Earth Pro, this site does not require any additional downloads.
Once maps are edited, they can be shared with an URL link or exported as an image or KML file.

A toolbar allows you to add to maps by drawing shapes, creating place marks, and placing text.

 Included in the drawing menu are the following features:
  • Pen tool - for drawing straight or curved line segments
  • Polygon pen tool - for drawing polygons
  • Scribble tool - 'free form pen' for doodling
  • Line Tool - for drawing straight lines segments only
  • Connected line tool - for drawing connected lines (no individual segments)
  • Draw shape tool (for drawing irregular shapes)
  • Draw rectangles
  • Draw Circles
  • Place text
  • Measurement tool (measures polygons, and lines)
  • Markers (a variety of symbols available)
  • Image - link images to the map 

You can also search for maps that have been created by other registered users.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
Use Scribble maps:
  • in Language Arts class by inserting place markers with descriptions on the locations from stories that are read
  • in Social Studies review geography lessons by having students tag locations being studied
  • to chart a Flat Stanley or Travel Bug project

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  1. This is perfect for my 5th graders' GT project. They are creating a trip to China. One of the portfolio items is a route map that shows all of the places they went on their trip. Perfect timing sharing this tool with us!