Thursday, April 18, 2013

InfuseLearning: Student Response Solution

InfuseLearning is a free virtual student response solution that allows the teacher to ask assessment questions to check student mastery.  Teachers can create a variety of questions and students can respond from any device.  Students will simply access the website and join the classroom using the Room ID.

From the teacher dashboard, a teacher can setup classes, utilize interactive tools, and create/manage assessments.  The "Quick Assessment" feature allows the teachers to ask an "on the fly" question and see student responses in real-time.  Teachers can also create preprepared quizzes that allow students to complete a quiz at their own pace.

When responding, students can change the language of the question and the language in which a question is read, using the audio feature.  This solution also gives students the unique ability to respond with a drawing.

In addition, teachers can use the "Infuse Link" feature to stream video content or the "Infuse Draw" feature to allow students to interact with the assessment content. 

Helpful Resource:

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Utilize the "Quick Assessment" question feature to check student mastery of content.  Download the assessment results and use those results to drive re-teach. 
  • Utilize the Language feature for ELL students.
  • Utilize the "Infuse Draw" feature to illustrate or have students illustrate content

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