Friday, April 25, 2014

Text 2 Mind Map

Looking for a free and simple way to organize your thoughts?  Text 2 Mind Map may be the site for you.  

You can complete your mind map in 3 easy steps.  

1. Go to the website,

2. Type your text in the Outline box.  The Options tab lets you select font, line size and color.

3. Click Draw Mind Map.

Your mind map will appear on the right.

You have the option of creating a new map, saving the one you made or downloading it.  No sign up is necessary; however, if you would like to save your mind map, an email will be required.

Classroom Integration ideas:
  • Students brainstorm as a group or independently before a writing project.
  • Students can create mind maps, using lesson content, as a review for an upcoming test.
  • Replace typical note taking with mind maps.

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  1. I don't know where else to contact all of you, but it's okay... thank you so much for having an AMAZING weblog. I have delved into a lot of your posts so far. This week, too, I featured your weblog at mine-- =)