Tuesday, October 21, 2014


With testing in full swing, many of you may be looking for a new and fun way to review with your students.  Kahoot! offers a quick, easy and free way to quiz, survey or have discussions with your students.

To get started, sign up for a free account.  Once you are on the home page, you have the choice of creating a quiz, discussion, or survey.

Let's create a quiz.  Once you click on Quiz you will see a window asking you to give the quiz a name.

Once you name your quiz, you will be prompted to type in your question.  You will also have the option to drop in a picture, assign points or no points and set a time limit.  Type in the answers and make sure to select the correct answer.

You can add questions or go to "Next Settings".  You will be prompted to give a little more information about your quiz and you can choose to make it public or private.  You can also give your quiz a cover image.

Once you click Done, you will be given the options to play, preview or edit.

To get Kahoot! to the students. Click Play now (see above) and then Launch (see below).

The students will need to go to kahoot.it on their device and enter the pin that appears on the screen.  

As students enter the game, their names will appear on the screen.  When all the students have entered the quiz, click Start Now.

The question will appear for a few seconds and then it will take you to another screen with the answer choices.

Students select answer with their device.  Once everyone has entered their answer, or time has run out, it will change to another screen that shows you who got it correct/incorrect.

At the end of the game, it displays the name of the winner and their total points.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Teachers can create quizzes for Mastery Checks, Exit Tickets or test reviews.
  • Students and Teachers can create surveys and class discussions.
  • Students can come up with their own questions and answers.

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