Thursday, March 12, 2015

Within a classroom setting, flashcards are a great tool for reviewing and learning new material.  A cost efficient way to create quick on-line flash cards is by using google sheets and sharing to

Click here to copy the Flippity template into your google drive.  Replace the template information with your own flash card information.  Make sure to enter in all information for side one and side two.  You can also pick the color of your notecard by placing the name of the color under the card color column.  Same thing applies for text color.

Now that you have all of the information entered, you are ready to create your online flash cards.  To do this, you will go to File in the menu bar and select Publish to the Web.  The Publish dialog box will appear and you will click the blue Publish button.

After you click the blue publish button, you will see a link appear.

Copy the link and paste it on the sheet called "Get Link Here" tab. Then you will see a blue link appear to navigate you to your online flash cards.

Sample Flash Cards:

Besides using your online flashcards to review and study, you can also see all the information entered on your flashcards in List view and Print a Quiz.


To share the link with your students or co-workers, click share at the bottom.  There you will see the link to give your students or co-workers.

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