Monday, August 31, 2015

Open House Technology Ideas

The all important Open House is a chance to connect with parents and demonstrate what is happening within the classroom.  The use of technology can help to engage and connect with a child's family.

Quick Connection

When preparing for Open House, create a slide presentation using Google Slides and set the Share option to be view for anyone with the link. Make sure to add an FAQ page at the end of your presentation of frequently asked questions.  Now you are ready to share this resource with your parents.  Create a QR code using either Kaywa or Unitag that links to your presentation.  Make small cards with your name and the QR code on it to pass out to students the next day who may not have had parents attend the day before.

Kaywa offers a variety of types of QR codes that it can make from text, URLs, etc.

Unitag has quite a few customizing options.

Gather Information

Create a Google Form to gather information from parents.  To help the parents see the connection between you and them, include a positive statement.  Here is a link to a form that you could make a copy of to edit and make your own.

Here is the link to what the parent's would see.

Again it would be very easy to share the Google Form with a QR code that the parents could scan an input their information straight from their own devices.

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