Monday, October 19, 2015

Field trip anytime....

You can take a virtual visit to the zoo or aquarium any day of the week by tuning into one of the following live webcams, which feature a variety of animals.
The webcams are in a multitude of locations around the United States.
Viewing live webcams is capable of having a field trip as needed to destination that would otherwise be impossible for students. You can show the videos to students, hold discussions about what they viewed, and identify key words and actions that students use to write about what they saw.

The areas of academic use could be:
* Science- habitats, observations, research, investigations, environments, record or gather data, and much more
* ELA/SLA- recording thoughts, writing responses, types of writing, research, compare and contrast, guide for literacy text, and uses SIOP for making content comprehensible
* Social Studies- chronology, geography, research, characteristics of locations, environments, and concepts of areas and regions
* Math- attributes, illustrative examples, numbers and operations (addition/subtraction), compare, objects in environment, and fractions

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