Friday, December 11, 2015


Quizizz is a multiplayer quiz where students move at their own pace.

Creating a Quiz
Once you click create quiz, you need to name your quiz and decide if you want your quiz to be public or private. You can create up to 50 questions per quiz, uploaded images for questions, and set a time limit from 5 seconds to 15 minutes. Questions are multiple choice with two to four answer choices. Once all questions are entered, click the green finish button. You final steps will be to assign a grade level and subject for the quiz, then click the blue Finish and Create Quiz Button.


To Start the Quiz
There are two options for running a quiz. Play Live or Homework. Play Live you would use if the whole class was playing together to review for an upcoming test. Homework would be used if you are using the quizizz as a station or for the student to complete for homework.  

Play the Game

Once students enter in the game code, they start to answer the questions at their own pace. There is a marker that runs across the top of the screen showing them how much time they have to answer each question. After each question is answered, the student gets immediate feedback and is shown where they are on the leader board.   Adorable memes appear after each question is answered to encourage students in their progress.


Realtime Feedback and Viewing Data

You will see realtime updates of student-level progress and you will see a detailed report of the responses by each student. You can download a more detailed excel report like the one shown below.

How can I use Quizizz

Super-fun review sessions
Quick tests and pop-quizzes
Self-paced classwork
At-home remote quizzes

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