Friday, March 23, 2012

Free App Friday - AppStar Picks

AppStar Picks is not your typical educational app.  It is, however, an informative free app that contains a collection of over 250 apps for kids that have been reviewed and tested by independent review sites.  The reviews are divided into a catalog containing the following categories:
  • Books
  • Early Learning
  • Art & Creative Play
  • Educations
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Special Needs
  • Seasonal
  • Utilities
  • Multilingual Apps
Each category has subcategories. For example, the educational section has apps for Math, Social Studies, Science and Technology, English, Foreign Languages, Learning Tools.  There are apps for a wide range of students from PreK to secondary level.  AppStar Picks can be used for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

Why Use It?
Teachers will find this app is fantastic for finding high quality apps that have been reviewed by trusted sites.  The design is nicely done and the app is easy to use.

1 comment:

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