Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pikikids - Comic Creator

Pikikids allows users to create their own comics, they can select their own layout, upload their own photos, add speech bubbles and fun graphics and then save and share their work.

Students may use this to turn a class text into a scripted comic, add pictures to their procedural look better with photos! They could create a comic response to a shared reading or retell Romeo and Juliet as a cartoon. A bit more motivating than a book report and requires some higher order thinking skills.


  1. I love Glogster! I have used it in the past for students to create "All About Me" posters. They can upload their own pictures, videos and record an audio message all on the online poster. One student used it in an English class to bring her poem to life. She recorded herself reading the poem and then added beautiful music for a nice effect as well as pictures and a video that all illustrated her poem over "Friends." The kids always enjoyed using Glogster!
    ~Kim Munoz

  2. This would be a great way to present what they have learned about Texas Explorers. They could research an explorer then create a comic strip about one of their adventures exploring Texas. ---Nona Pierce

  3. This would be great to use when I teach all about me. Each child could create a comic strip about themselves. ~Leslie Johnston

  4. ann said.....

    i am going to try to use this with my new students to create "good" and "bad" interviews. this is with a group of different students. we roled played scenerios, let'see if they can create!!!! ann withers

  5. Good alternative for Comic Life. We write scripts for dialogs on Comic LIfe, but unless you have that program, how can you do it? This web-based alternative is a great work around. Students can access it from the library computers or from home and create scripts.