Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glogster - Online MultiMedia Poster


Glogs are multimedia online posters that are easy to use and share. Sign up for a Free Basic account and begin making your first glog. The basic account also allows for 100 free student accounts until November 7, 2010. After November 7th, each Basic account will allow for 50 free student accounts. Glogster will provide an email link for each glog that will allow teachers and students to easily share glogs.

Anytime a teacher plans to ask students to create a poster assignment, a glog could be used as an alternative to that paper assignment. This multimedia poster provides a wonderful opportunity to create a dynamic a creative product. Glogster also provides an easy drag and drop platform containing text, video, images, graphics, and more.


  1. I love Glogster! I have used it in the past for students to create "All About Me" posters. They can upload their own pictures, videos and record an audio message all on the online poster. One student used it in an English class to bring her poem to life. She recorded herself reading the poem and then added beautiful music for a nice effect as well as pictures and a video that all illustrated her poem over "Friends." The kids always enjoyed using Glogster!
    ~Kim Munoz

  2. I have an edmodo account and that would be a great way for student to share their glogster products.
    I have been looking for a way to add interest to my wikispaces page. Great tip!