Monday, November 15, 2010

Survey Monkey

Create a survey for your students in a few easy steps. SurveyMonkey offers a variety of features to customize your survey. You can ask multiple choice questions or have students respond to a short answer question. Your surveys will be saved on your page and can be edited at a later date.

Simply share the URL for your survey and SurveyMonkey will collect all data. You can analyze the results at any point in the survey process.


Gather knowledge base information from your students before you begin a new unit.
Survey their background knowledge of a subject to give you a clear idea of what skills to focus on.
You can even have students share ideas for the type of assignments they would like to participate in during a unit.
Survey the students a second time at the end of the unit/activity to determine mastery of skills.


Create a single textbox for your first question and ask students to enter their initials or a number that you give them. This will allow you to determine that all students have completed the survey only once.


  1. Jana, Using SurveyMonkey to do Pre and Post test kind of activities is a good idea. I have used this program before with Girl Scouts and as a survey with family and friends for holiday plans, but am willing to try it for class with this idea in mind. Thanks, Mary Desern

  2. sounds like a great way to get feedback from students!

  3. I surveyed my class today--they were very willing to participate and rate the different kinds of activities we have done so far.
    Allison Robertson

  4. So would you recommend survey monkey? I couldn't decide whether or not I should use it.

  5. We are going to use Survey Monkey to vote for Class Officers. How do you suggest we get it to the students? We were going to have a cow in the cafeteria during lunches and thought about having the survey pulled up and ready to go but didn't know if there was an easier way. Any thoughts?

    1. Tisha,

      I would post the link on the school website and share this information during announcements. We do not currently have a school wide student email group, but are working toward having that for next school year.