Thursday, January 20, 2011

3x3 Links

3x3 links allows you to easily create a visual start page with links you would like your students to access quickly and easily. The site creates a unique URL that you can give to your students, or you can set it as the homepage on your browser for easy access. It even works on mobile devices, so if you have iPads your students can access the page through Safari.
To create a links page, you must first sign in with a Google account.
Check out the links page I created by clicking here:


  1. I plan on using this on all of my student laoptops so that the students will be able to easily have a menu of websites that I have assigned them to use. This is great for young children who can easily be taught to click on specific sites independently. Love this one!

  2. I made this on my blog for my class and parents for top sites I would like them to access. This makes it very easy! Also, will put on the classroom computers and our cow computers so it is easy access for our kids instead of the bookmark across the top. Our second graders have a hard time recognizing these so this is a great fix!! Thanks

  3. I LOVE this website! Thank you for sharing this tool! I have created my first 3X3 of my favorite classroom tools. I'm going to put this on all my lab computers in top sites. My next task is to make one a little more complex where it lists categories of sites (games, classroom tools, enrichment, etc). Then each link will take the students to another 3X3 that has the actual list of sites they can use. This will be there homepage on the lab computers. Here is the first page I've created:

    Kim Munoz--Jane Long

  4. Sorry, try this link if the other one didn't work.

  5. This site is like a minature symbaloo. While I prefer to teach high school students to seek out their own sources, this is a great way to link to common sites or applications! I will use this in February to link to a variety of St. Valentine sites to start of students. Thanks!
    Allison Robertson

  6. This works on the iPad too! It is great to use in art when we are working on famous artists. I am going to complete my 3x3 links set up and use with my 4th graders. They are going to click on the link to search for their artist, take brief notes and create an infomercial on one of the Master Artists. At the end of the year I hope to create a dvd for them with tidbits of all 4th graders famous artists!

  7. I'm going to use this to quickly send kids where I need them to go, instead of having them have to keep returning to first class. Awesome find.
    Jerilyn Cleere

  8. Thanks for writing about my little website, 3x3Links. Recently a lot of teachers emailed me with feedback. Guess also thanks to this post.
    I will try to implement all your ideas for new, helpful features (like recently the possibility to embed a 3x3Page into a website).
    It makes me a little proud that 3x3Links is used to support teaching.
    Feel free to contact me via

  9. OOHH! I can't wait to get this on my school computers! This will save so much time! And it will be soo easy for the kids to access sites! Hillarie Rollins