Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bryan ISD Recommended iPad Apps

Please visit the Google Doc link below to see a list of recommended iPad Apps for our schools. This is not a comprehensive list, but a start. We would love to hear your favorite apps. Please post back to this blog and share your ideas.

Bryan ISD iPad Apps


  1. Great list of apps! I especially like "sentence builder" and "word magic" apps for use of the ipads during literacy centers.

  2. Art Puzzle is great to use in Art. It introduces the students to paintings from the Master Artists in a fun way! I use this at when the students are waiting for other tables to complete their projects.

  3. Wonderful list of apps.Specially I like the word magic app.

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  4. Sentence builder seems like a great aoolication. I would like to give students a scramble of vocabulary words to work thru. Wish I had ipads!
    Allison Robertson

  5. Danielle Holloway, 7th grade math teacher from Sam Rayburn, introduced me to Air Sketch. It is great because you can teach from anywhere in the classroom and the students can work out problems for their classmates without leaving their seat.

    -Veronica Koite