Wednesday, January 5, 2011


QuietWrite is an online writing workspace where you can write in a safe/online forum by giving a unique URL. When you are ready, you can then share your writing via that URL. It also works on an iPad.


  1. This would be great to use in Art while students learn about different artists. They could write about what they have learned and email the URL to share with the teacher.

    This would be great to use for students when they critique art. They will Describe, Analyze, Interpret and Judge the artwork. This includes the students applying their knowledge of the Elements of Art: Color, line, shape, form, space, and texture in relationship with the picture given to them.

  2. This app would be great for students to practice sounding out words. I could look at the information that each child types and save it as evidence of learning and also for their portfolios.

  3. I added QuietWrite to my class blog so my students can practice their writing skills. I will also use this in my classroom to have them write stories and edit revisions to print their stories for the week!

  4. This would be an awesome site for a 4th grade writing class to input a story and then edit and revise as necessary. With a url attached parents could be sent the work and it could become a family thing were grandmas and grandpas could read and send a comment. I love this. I wish I had a class blog set up now. One thing that would make this type of thing easier would be a classroom set of computers. I can keep dreaming right?!

  5. a good site to write from home or school without worrying about saving to hdrives or neo office. I love that students can write in Spanish here as well.

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    Allison Robertson