Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy is a visually cool site that allows you to explore relationships between words. Type in a word and the screen becomes a floating model of a galaxy with the original word at the center and words that are similar or associated with it orbiting around it.
If you click on the word in the center, a globe populates with pictures from Flickr that are tagged with that word. If you click on one of the other words that are orbiting around the original search word, you will get a combination of the terms and pictures related to both, as well as a new galaxy model with further choices of related terms. The more orbiting words you choose, the more specific your pictures will be.

Tag Galaxy is great way to visualize word and idea relationships.


  1. This is a cool site. However, just like any other site, you need to monitor what the students are doing. I looked up the Alamo. 1000's of pictures came up. One picture took me to someone's flicker page called sexy cowgirl. Evidently, a few of the pictures on the page were tagged with the Alamo.

  2. The potential for this seems amazing. This would make for a fun vocabulary site. I agree with Mrs. Desern that words would have to be tried first by the teacher before allowing any child to try it. The visuals would be a great tool for those students with fewer experiences.

  3. While it seems very random, it would be a great way to review basic spanish vocabulary or to use as story starter requirements. "You can write a 75 word story that includes at least 4 of these words."

    "As a group, create an impromtu story out loud that includes as many of these words as possible."

    Allison Robertson

  4. This would be an interesting way for students to learn visually pictures of techniques or famous artists and their work. I searched: Andy Warhol, went to colors several time had to choose specific color combinations and it gave me a few paintings created with those colors. I was impressed that when I "hovered" over the picture it told me the title, what period or type of art, i.e. Pop Art and cost if prints were being sold.

    I'm sure the students would love it!