Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Finance Sites for Kids

 Planet Orange This fun, interactive website sponsored by ING Direct teaches kids in grades first through sixth the basics of earning, spending, saving, and investing money. Kids start by creating a character astronaut who is assigned a mission that revolves around money. They then design their own spaceship and begin their mission.
planet orange
Why It’s Great: Whether it’s earning, saving, spending or even building a portfolio and investing, kids will learn the basics of money and how to use it. You have to sign up to use Planet Orange, but the program is free.

Rich Kid Smart Kid
Rich Kid Smart Kid uses free,  interactive, animated games to teach kids everything from what debt is, to the importance of saving money. It even covers how to make a profit in a business.
The two main characters, Reno and Toki, take kids on adventures that teach lessons along the way. Each of the games has four levels for kids who range in age from K2 to twelfth grade.
rich kid smart kid
Why It’s Great: Adorable characters appeal to kids’ imaginations while teaching them life skills. The site also has a Grown Up section for parents and teachers where they can find tips and lesson plans for teaching financial know-how (and maybe even learning a bit themselves).


  1. allison robertson
    While the content does adapt somewhat based on age, the 9-12 section is both juvenile yet crazy advanced...a demand-o-meter yet brushes over the elasticity of demand. Very strong on application of principles, even if it just gives a glimpse of the laws behind them.

  2. This is a great resource for teaching children about money and where parts of you money goes. They also have a self guide that helps takes you on a tour, shows you her paycheck and you can scroll to find out the definitions of the words. This would be a great lesson in math class. What a fun station!