Friday, March 4, 2011

DOGO News!

DOGO News offers interesting current event articles that students can read and discuss. If you sign up as a teacher they offer lesson plan resources and ideas on how to build your own online classroom newspaper. It also offers kid website reviews and maps with articles linked to sites around the world. Thanks to Jerilyn Cleere at SFA Middle School for sharing this resource.


  1. I plan to try this in my reading class. I see as being a great way to work on comprehension. What better way to build comprehension than through discussion. Super cool!

  2. I like how this site includes more topics such as art. I can see students learning about global, recycled and street art from this news site. I found many of the art articles interesting!

  3. allison robertson
    These are very high interest stories for pre-teens and teens. The interesting fotos would hold the class attention during a 30 second summary by a presentor practicing impromptu speaking in a group.