Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Vocaroo is a free site that makes voice recordings without any hassle (no registration, no software download, etc.).  Simple choose the "click to record" icon, record your voice, and then choose from the option of downloading your recording or using an embedded code for use on a blog or web page.


  1. This has come in very useful in recording live speakers and then posting to a webpage. Because of the unlimited feature, even a whole class period could be recorded.
    I have used this to record student oral presentations for later evaluation and to be able to conference with the student about specific portions. I imagine students then recording an improved version (I wonder if you could record in Audacity and then edit?) to share with other products the students create and post in a glogster.
    allison robertson

  2. This could be a great way to help students with fluency. They could record themselves reading a book and listen to their voice. I could see students reading their stories that they have created and sharing them with others. I look forward to using this in my classroom.
    Lisa Tarver

  3. I love the fluency idea. I used this with one of my Kindergarteners whose reading is very slow. He listened to himself after recording and said, "Wow, I am reading so slow." I am definitely gonna use this more in my room.

  4. This would be fun to use giving directions in a station or an oral report. I could upload a link to my website telling students that had been absent what their assignment was for that day.