Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 Free Paint Apps for iPad

SketchBook Mobile Express App, which has been described as professional-grade free paint app for iPad. It includes the color wheels that contain all primary colors and the customizable color swatches, the dynamic symmetric drawing mode, flood fill, photo import and several levels of undo/redo.

MyPaint Free App is a free iPad painter where you can start to develop a new art work directly from scratch on a black canvas. You can paint with all sorts of colours, scribble and even edit a photo directly from your library.

Kids Paint HD App is a great app that can keep kids busy on the iPad. The user interface on this free iPad paint app is so simple, containing random colours and brush sizes which make for easy painting from the scratch.

Doodle Kids HD App allows you to create wonderful painting effects on a black canvas with full screen.

Drawing Box Free App for iPad, is so easy to use as all it requires you to do is to pick up a brush, choose a color and paint away. Paintings made can also be saved in the gallery in real time and shared with friends and colleagues.


  1. All these look great Troy! It would be great for students to use in Art of course, but, also students to use to "Sketch-It-Out" for understanding which is one of the TAP strategies we learned this year.

  2. allison robertson
    even high schoolers love the simplicity of drawing apps. The smooth interface between the pad and the artist makes it easier to create what you saw in your mind's eye. And free!

  3. Hillarie Rollins-
    thanks for sharing, my kiddos LOVE paint apps. I use them sometimes just as a reward for good behavior! They love playing!!