Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Visuwords is a free, online graphical dictionary that allows you to not only find the definition of a word, but also its association with other words and concepts. When you look up a word, a web pops onto the screen showing its connection to other words and its part of speech. By hovering over a word you can see its definition and also a list of synonyms.
Try out Visuwords by clicking here.


  1. This would be great for writing prompts! I would ask a student to give me one word to type into Visuwords. This creates a snowball effect, and they should have many choices of what to write in their journal from the word that "snowballed" into many other words.

  2. allison robertson
    this is a good tool for expanding word families and helping students understand how words change for different uses in a sentence.

  3. Used this with my kids! Great visual for kids. This would be a great tool for not only vocabulary but spelling words. Sometimes I take it for granted that my kids know the meanings of the words they have to spell. Looks like a have a new spelling activity.