Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awesome Library

Awesome Library is a great collection of resources from the web. It includes over 37,000 reviewed sources from the web, including educational resources. The resources are all organized by topic as shown below.

Each of these topics has sub topics. As you select a topic, it will give suggestions for other pages to try out.


  1. Hillarie Rollins-
    Thanks for sharing this website! I am always looking for good resources!

  2. I love this site! I immediately went to Art, it has ready to go lesson plans that I can use in my classroom. It also has Art History, Music, Theater and more! I also clicked on Teacher which led me to a list of different categories including Safe School, in this section, they have a category on bullying.
    Great site to use as a resource for my classroom and school!

  3. allison robertson
    Who doesn't love a directory of reviewed sites? I am seeking projects for students to use world languages to accomplish authentic problem solving. The lesson on ending world hunger seems, well, AWESOME! and the awesome talker really helps with pronunciation.

    Another great suggestion by the tech team at BISD!

  4. This is a fantastic site! I love how it has resources for every member of the school faculty, parents, and students. Great site to bookmark! Thanks for sharing!