Monday, May 9, 2011


Symbaloo is a free bookmarking service (there is also a paid account that offers more features) that creates visual bookmarks.  You can share them, organize them, and access them from any computer.


  1. Hillarie Rollins-Loving this! I am always looking for NEW things to do to stay organized! Thanks

  2. allison robertson
    I have been using this myself for 6 months, and the array keeps the sites I care about in front of me. When used with foxfire, it can keep my logins and links--I just click on a tile. Create a separate web mix for different kinds of links. Add tiles for sites (many are pre-made and making your own is easy) I have soooo many cool tools...glogster, wallwisher, voicethread, skype, edmodo,, live binders, jing, get the idea. Keeping up with all of them is crazy!
    If websites are tools, then symbaloo is the tool box==or even the pegboard in the garage!!! love it!!!!

  3. allison robertson
    Here is something to get you started filling up your tiles!
    take the 30 day teacher tool challenge!

  4. This is a great site for organizing websites! I can definitely use this, I have been putting great links in my gray address bar, but it's getting full and the drop down doesn't have much space left. Thanks for sharing this great organizational tool!

  5. What a great toolbox to save all of our bookmarts! I love how the small tiles are visually easy to find!

  6. This sounds great! Can't wait to try it out. I could see my kids using this to keep up with the bookmarks needed for our classroom. The toolbar on firefox or safari just isn't big enough. Thanks for sharing. Lisa Tarver