Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discovery Education - Did You Know?

Did you know that Discovery Education offers a Lesson Plan Library organized by subject area? I filtered through the core subject areas and found a variety of lessons for a variety of grade levels.  In the English Language Arts section, I was able to find lessons covering theme, compare/contrast, literary devices, and writing.  In addition, I found lessons covering multiple authors such as: Poe, Melville, and Hawthorne. 
There are over 200 lessons including Discovery Education streaming videos.  To find the Lesson Plan Library, simply go to the "Streaming" tab and then select "Teacher Center".  Each lesson can be downloaded as a PDF or Word document and includes appropriate grade level suggestions.  

Classroom Application:
  • Utilize pieces of these lessons as mini-lessons for your classroom.
  • Utilize the bank of ideas presented in this library as a springboard for writing your own lessons. 
Additional Free Teacher Resources:

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