Friday, January 6, 2012

Free App Friday - Photo Collage Creator

Photo Collage Creator is an iPad or iPhone app that can be easily integrated into your  classroom lessons.  This app is user friendly and provides a wonderful bank of photo editing/enhancement tools, which are powered by Aviary.  Photo Collage Creator allows you to begin with a blank canvas and add photos directly from your ipad photo library.  There are five canvas size options to choose from and any number of photos can be arranged freely on the canvas.  Editing/enhancement options include cropping, rotating, free draw, text, and more.  

Classroom Integration Ideas:
This is a great way to illustrate any topic or idea covered in class.  Start by collecting a bank of photos associated with a classroom topic and save the images to your ipad photo library.  (Hint: To save images from a website, simply hold your finger on the image until the options menu appears.  Choose "Save Image".  A new album can be created to house your project photos.)  Now, open the Photo Collage Creator app and begin adding and editing photos using the Photo option at the bottom of the screen.  
  • Assign each student a character from a novel, and have students create a collage to characterize the character's, beliefs, appearance, feelings, voice, ect.., without using an actual picture of the character.  Then have students complete a gallery walk to determine which character is being characterized.  
  • Assign students to research a historical figure, art/drama technique, or scientific process to creatively illustrate using photos.  
Other Ideas:
  • Teachers and/or extra curricular groups could use this app to create information/event flyers. 
Photo Sites:

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