Monday, January 9, 2012

Sonic Squirrel

Sonic Squirrel provides a vast library of open licensed (Creative Commons) music that can be used for student and teacher projects.  Releases can be downloaded for free without an account, but there is an option to sign up for free. An account will allow you to build your own collections and playlists.  Sonic Squirrel has an easy to use "Browse" feature under the "Home" tab and if you sign-up the "My Account" tab gives you access to your collections, history, and profile options.  Also, there is currently an Android App available so you can listen while you travel. 

Classroom Application:
Teachers and/or students can create an account, browse the library, and create a collection or playlist of items to use for multi-media projects.  The music will download as an mp3 file to your computer.  Tip: Some users will have to right+click (control+click for mac) on the download icon and choose "Save Link As" to begin the download process.  The files can be placed in your iTunes account for easy access.  Encourage students to practice good digital citizenship by taking advantage of this resource.  

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