Monday, January 30, 2012

Living Math Book List

When I was a middle school math teacher, I was always looking for something different to do in my classroom. One day I decided to read a math storybook that related to the day's lesson to my 8th grade students. I thought they would probably roll their eyes and think it was totally lame, but thought I'd try it anyway. I even had them get in a circle and sit criss cross applesauce around me as I read. They LOVED it - I actually had their undivided attention! So I wish I had known about the Living Math Book List when I was still in the classroom. This site is dedicated to "making math meaningful one book at a time." The author describes a living book as "a book that presents mathematical concepts in real life context which is relevant to the reader." The site lists about 50 math categories that you can click on to find relevant books (most are picture books). Each book is linked to the Amazon site where you can read a description about the book and also purchase it, however many of the books might be found in a BISD or public library.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Make math relevant by using a book found on this site to introduce a new math concept to your students (yes, even middle students!)
  • After reading one of the living math books to your students, have them create their own book about a concept they are learning (integrate technology by using an iPad or laptop to create the book)

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  1. I loved this math book list. I plan to choose books from it to share with my students throughout the school year. One particular book that I am interested in ordering is called High Noon which is a book all about ratios. My students struggle with ratios and proportions and thought this might be a fun way to introduce the topic to get them more interested in the lesson. Thanks for sharing the website! (After reading the book examples, my students will be able to create their own examples on the computer.)