Thursday, February 2, 2012

Edmodo in Math: A Technology Integration Lesson

Congratulations to Deborah Parker, a math teacher at Jane Long Middle School, who won 4 iPads for her classroom for sharing this technology rich lesson with us!
This lesson is a great example of a simple, but meaningful way for teachers to include technology in their lessons daily.

Lesson Description/Overview:
Using Edmodo and a projected Powerpoint, students will gather information from graphical representations in order to determine trends in data and practice writing inference questions.

Student Objectives:
I can evaluate graphs and gather data to answer questions. I can explain why we use graphs to analyze situations.
  • Projector
  • Student computers
  • Powerpoint/Keynote presentation with graphs to be displayed
  • Website for classes through
  • Stopwatch or timer
Gather graphs for students to analyze, including bar, line, double line, double bar, circle, and histograms. Create a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation with a graph on each slide. Set up a group for each class in Edmodo.

Have students log in to Edmodo and post a quick message to let the teacher know they are present and ready to begin. Project a graph from the Powerpoint and give students 3 minutes to analyze the graph and pull as much information as possible about the graph. Have students list the information they pull in an empty post on Edmodo after the 3 minutes is up (use an alarm to signal that time is up). After posting, have students also review each other's observations. As an extension, have students take turns writing questions for each graph.

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