Friday, February 3, 2012

Free App Friday - Allen Prep ACT and SAT

Allen Prep has published multiple test prep iPad/iPhone apps for multiple exams.  The ACT and SAT apps are free to download and include a substantial number of test questions for each section of each exam.  Once the apps are downloaded, you can access the question bank by entering a valid email address.  An email with an activation code will be sent to this email address.  Each mock exam includes a free sample test, covering all subjects, and includes hundreds of questions.  You can also make an in-app purchase of different test banks to target a specific area.  

There is a timer for each question, an option to star the question and come back to it, report an issue to Allen Prep, and stop the test.  Once you have answered a question, you will be given feedback and can read a complete explanation of the correct answer before moving on.  From here, you can go back to a missed question or once the test is stopped you can return to any missed question.  

  • Place these apps on any classroom iDevice and make this available during student tutorial times.
  • Share these apps with your students and encourage them to download these or similar apps to their personal devices.  
  • Download these apps to your own device and infuse similar questions into your lessons. 

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