Friday, February 17, 2012

Free App Friday - Britannica Kids: US Presidents

Who was the first left-handed president? Who was the tallest president? Who was the first president to appear on TV? The Britannica Kids: US Presidents app answers all these questions and more! In honor of President's Day, Encyclopaedia Britannica is offering this app free (usually $2.99) until midnight on Monday, February 20.

App Features:
  • A "Did You Know?" section where students can see photos and learn interesting facts about many presidential topics
  • Profiles of each president with information such as their birthday, vice president, first lady, important dates, and fun facts
  • Music and lyrics to sing a long with "Hail to the Chief"
  • Quiz section 
Integration Ideas:
  • Create a Presidential Scavenger Hunt and have students search the app for the answers
  • If you have an iPad dongle or document camera, this app would be fun to do with your class as a whole group - learn interesting facts about 1 president each day, and then take the quiz together as a class
  • Use this app as a research source for students when learning about a certain president or presidents
  • Have students explore this app in a center, and then create a graphic organizer in Popplet (using the app "Popplet Lite") to share interesting facts that they learned with the teacher or entire class


  1. This is a great resource right now! My art students are drawing Picasso Portraits of Presidents and choosing a theme for their Presidential Poster for the George Bush Library, this will be perfect to help them with important information and fun facts!

  2. This is a great source for my Social Studies TEKS. Students would love to research these great leaders. I am already beyond that part of our curriculum but plan on letting this be a learning extension activity for my fast finishers....