Friday, March 30, 2012

Free App Friday - Popplet Lite +

Popplet Lite is a wonderful productivity app that allows the user to create brainstorming and mind mapping webs.  Fortunately, the options do not stop there. Popplet lite is also a great platform for diagrams, sticky notes, photo collages, and even more.  Popplet allows the user to get ideas down quickly and then physically arrange those ideas in individually creative ways.  Each popple, popplet's name for the individual text boxes, has features that allow the user to add text, free draw, color code popples, and import images.  There is an export/save to pdf or jpeg option and the pan and zoom feature allows the user to easily manipulate the board.  Popplet Lite only allows the user to create one board at a time, but does have a paid version that includes additional features.  This application would suit any classroom and the creative assignment options are virtually endless.

Another great option for any classroom, would be  The popplet web app, in its beta version, offers the same features as popplet lite, plus an option to print, and a collaborative feature.  This collaborative feature allows the user to share a board publicly or with other popplet users.  Teachers and students will have to sign up for an account and must be at least 13 years old.

Classroom Integration:

  • Create a brainstorming web for any writing or project assignment.
  • Create a flow chart for when to use sine, cosine, and tangent. 
  • Record thoughts for journal topics and/or any lesson notes.
  • Create a plot diagram for a story.
  • Import images, categorize and label them based on shape, texture, form, line, and texture. 

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