Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Google Sites Page Types

When creating your teacher website with Google Sites, you have more options than just an unstructured blank "Web page." Sites offers several different page types that are structured so that teachers can easily organize their information in a meaningful way. Here's an overview of 3 different page types and how they could be used on a teacher's website.

Announcement Page
An announcement page is useful for posting chronological information. Each individual post can include text, links, and images. It is similar to a blog and can even generate a RSS feed so that students and/or parents could subscribe to the feed and receive updates when new information is added.

Ways for teachers to use this page type:
  • To post homework assignments and reminders with appropriate links to documents or other pertinent information
  • As a class blog
  • As a digital parent newsletter
  • A place to post school-wide announcements

File Cabinet Page
A file cabinet page stores files on your site that you upload from your hard drive or link from Google Docs. The files can be organized in folders and are easily accessible to visitors on your site. Students could subscribe to your file cabinet page so that they are notified when files are added, deleted, or updated.
Ways to use this page type:
  • As a place for class document storage (documents could be organized into Unit folders)
  • To post communications such as forms or notices that parents would need to view and/or download
List Page
A list page allows you to set up your page with columns formatted for specific types of information such as dates, text, URLs, checkboxes, or drop down menus. For example, to create a reading book list, you would select text columns and enter Book Title, Author, and Description as the column titles.

Ways to use this page type:
  • Post a reading list for your class with book title, author, a short description, etc.
  • Post a dynamic vocabulary list or commonly used formula list (Math)
  • Coaches could post team rosters, teachers could post groups and their members for class projects
The possibilities for using these page types on your class page are endless. Keep these in mind as you move your teacher web pages from FirstClass to Google Sites, and let us know ways that you think of to use them on your site. 

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