Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Infoshare- TCEA - Three Timeline Tools

As a former social studies teacher, timelines have always interested me.  Below are three sites that I was reintroduced to while at TCEA that allow users to create interactive timelines.

Better World Flux is a site that allows users to create animated visualizations of development data. To use Better World Flux, simply select a data set (such as life expectancy, child mortality rate, mobile subscription, etc) from the menu provided and select the countries for which you would like to view data. An animated data visualization is created, which will change as the years on the timeline at the bottom of the visualization change. You can see growth and recession of a statistic over time.

Classroom integration ideas:

  • Students can track the progress of countries from a list of given indicators.
  • Students can create and share a compelling visualization timeline.

XTimeline is a site that allows students to find information about featured timelines, as well as create their own.  The timelines are collaborative, just like a wiki, so multimedia timelines can be built by more than one user. Timelines built using XTimeline can include text, images, and video, and will accept dates in A.D./B.C. format. 
The timelines can be embedded into a website or blog.

Classroom integration ideas:

  • Students can easily research the life of famous figures. 
  • Students can create a timeline for a specific topic and include images. 
  • Younger students (or middle school students as introduction to timelines) can create a personal timeline using their own images and information. 

Time Toast is free site that allows users to easily build their own interactive timeline. To add events to a timeline, users click on the "add an event" button. An event box pops up, allowing you to enter text, place a link, or add a picture. Once built, the timeline can be shared via a URL or embedded into another site.  

Classroom integration idea:
  • Students can create a timeline for a specific topic that includes images.

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