Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Technology Integration Lesson: Presidential Facebook Profiles

Ashley Lopez, Social Studies teacher at SFA Middle School, is one of February's iPad winners for her technology lesson submission. In this lesson, Ashley's students created a Facebook profile for presidents from the Republic of Texas in Microsoft Word or Comic Life to show off what they learned from their research. This lesson is an example of a creative way to use technology to get students excited and involved in what they are learning. Check out the full lesson below (NOTE - all materials needed for the lesson are linked).

Lesson Description/Overview:
Students will research a president of the Republic of Texas and create a Facebook page for the president which includes information about their president, status posts that relate to the issues faced during their presidency, and comments from friends of the president that are relevant and true to the time period.

Computers, Microsoft Word Facebook Template, any web design program such as Comic Life that the students are already familiar with, handout with rubric and description, research page handout.

Prior to the project, students will have learned about the presidents of the Republic of Texas and use that knowledge to choose a president to research. The teacher will need to prepare the rubric, research page handout, and Facebook template.

Go over the research handout with students and review appropriate research sites and skills as well as how to cite sources. Also guide students through the project handout and explain instructions in depth. Share the Facebook template with students (could use Edmodo or a link on the teacher's website). Give students class time to research their president and create the Facebook profile.

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