Thursday, March 22, 2012

Technology Integration Lesson: Digital Art

Melissa Schulman, art teacher at Fannin Elementary School, is one of February's iPad winners for her technology lesson submission. In this lesson, Melissa's students created many forms of digital art using various many different technology tools.

Lesson Description/Overview:
Students will be introduced to digital art using laptops, digital cameras, a Flip Video Camera, and the Color Effects iPad app.
Student Objectives:
Students will learn how to create graphic art using a free downloadable program,
Students will learn how to change the color and shape of their art digitally.
Students will learn how to use the iPad to take a picture and enhance it using the Color Effects App.
Students will experiment using a digital video camera to video another student identifying art elements and principles.
  • digital camera and tripod
  • several computers
  • iPad
  • digital video camera
Teacher will set up five stations with appropriate resources and tools.

Teacher will model for the students what to do at each station. Then students will rotate through five different stations:
Station 1: Students will take pictures of other students using a digital camera on a tripod.
Station 2: Students will work with the computers on to create abstract Expressionism art.
Station 3: Students will use to create a graphic design made of words that describe them personally.
Station 4: Students will work with the iPad using the Color Effects App to change the look of photographs and enhance them.
Station 5: Students will experiment using the digital video camera to video their friend identifying the art elements and principals of one painting in the Museum Book. Each student will have a turn as the videographer.

These stations can be used with students that finish their assigned work early to work on their artwork digitally.

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